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Carl Wilford Barney, III

Carl Wilford Barney lll

                Born May 6, 1963 in Salt Lake City, UT. Passed away peacefully on March 15, 2021 in the presence of his family. Survived by his parents Carl W and Evangeline Barney Jr, 11 brothers and sisters. Evangeline and Gary Boden, Greg and Lynn Barney, Melinda Barney, Michelle and Henry Neville, Adrienne Murrill, Eric and Becky Barney, Rebecca and Felipe Diaz, Josh and Janae Barney, Brandon and Bethany Barney, Anjuli VanDyke, Megan and Jeff Martinez, along with 38 nieces and nephews and 14 great nieces and nephews. See Carl’s adventure of a life well lived at AaronsMortuary.com

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My favorite memories with Carl was trips to Topaz Mountain and searching for geodes in Dugway which years later I did with my kids. Many adventures were had prospecting. Carl was always looking for profit and beauty in the earth. He helped me get my first truck because Carl was kind enough to sell me his F250 which I nick named "the beast". There was many acts of kindness and love that he shared. I will miss my brother greatly.

Love Josh

Josh Barney Mar 23 2021 12:00 AM

What can I say about my big brother.

I'm taken back to my younger years tromping around Idaho with a sluice box and gold pan trying to find the "perfect" spot where bed rock met the stream so we could scratch the rocks for dirt and sand and put it in the gold pan hoping for "good sigh" black sand and hopefully gold. There were several trips where it was just the 2 of us. I still have 2 glass vials hidden away with sapphires and gold dust and flecks that we found over 24 years ago.

I am also transported back to looking through his treasure hunting magazine scheming where in Utah and other parts of the West famed train robbers may have stashed their loot. We talked about metal detecting and went out a few times together trying to find cool things.

I also remember digging through piles of pennies and nickels when I started collecting coins many of the rare old ones he already had so he was quick to add them to my collection. (wheat pennies and buffalo nickels)

We had a strange encounter Carl and I while in Idaho prospecting. one night there was a loud strange sound that neither of us had ever heard before. It was almost like a mountain lion scream but it was not totally right and we heard it for the better part of an hour around are camp. We didn't get the best sleep that night but Carl tried to keep his cool so as to not freak me out mush more then we both were (I being maybe 12). We ruminated for many years on what may have been out there that night. Crazy

I would always love to hear the unsolicited advice, when it was dispensed to others not me, about the finer points of hunting and how to discharge your firearm.
Squeeze away brother.

Many great times in the heart of God's Creation, Carl will for me long be in my thoughts on the hillside or lake shore.

You will be greatly missed!

Brandon Barney Mar 23 2021 12:00 AM

What I remember is caring, whenever I saw him he would check in, see how Im doing, ask about work and school. He always listened and we had a lot of great discussions over the years. There were plenty of things we had different views on, but Im glad for our talks.

Derek Barney Mar 23 2021 12:00 AM

I consider Carl more than a cousin but also a friend. Though we didn't always see eye to eye I enjoyed my conversations with him and hearing his points of view. I appreciated all his help and advice on my home. He was so meticulous in his work and I will always be grateful. He always greeted me with a smile and a hug that made me feel welcome and accepted. Carl's memory will be in my heart.

Elissa Mc Mar 23 2021 12:00 AM

I appreciated the knowledge, time and passions Carl shared with us rather about the outdoors, home improvement projects, or precious metals. One thing that stands out is how he shared ways to use different tools when making metal jewelry. This helped my husband to make his own creative jewelry pieces including copper bracelets that were given as gifts to Carl and many family members. There is no way to sum up so many years of family parties, projects and adventures. Even though you are gone from our sight you will not be gone from our hearts and memories

Janae Barney Mar 22 2021 12:00 AM

Carl's greatest gift and asset was his time. Any time you needed help moving, remodeling, working or help of any sort he was there. I first met Carl when I was 13 and my father had sent me to work at the nursing home his family owned. A few years later I was back working and met his sister Adrienne (if there is love at first site that was it). He set us up and I have two amazing kids to thank him for. He was extremely smart and could fix just about anything. I spent nearly 12 years with Carl fishing, hiking in the Uintah's and Wind River's, hunting, prospecting for gold and working together. During a period where I was injured he would always stop by and brought a collection of DVD's for me to watch while healing. He could drive you mad and crazy in one moment and have you belly ache laughing in the next. He had a rough exterior but a kind soul. He always had a deep love for his nieces and nephews and I always knew my children were loved. My family always referred to him as the "really good looking guy". I have fifty or more stories I could share but mostly I just want to thank you for being able to call you a brother and a friend. Thank you for sharing your greatest gift with me.

Trent Petersen Mar 21 2021 12:00 AM

Carl and i worked together on a dozen jobs over the years and he always had top notch work ethic . But one day we were lifting a wall with my older brother and I remember Bryce saying if we cant get the wall up i will count to three and drop it and back away! I dont think carl heard the count and as Bryce and i jumped back all the weight was left on Carl and he ended but tearing his bicep on his left arm .. If you havent ever seen it, its quite ugly and Carl just looked at us and said I dont think this is normal. He cracked a smile and said maybe i should go to the doctor. Carl will be missed by many!

Dustin Bishop Mar 20 2021 12:00 AM

My favorite memory with Carl was July 2005 he came Alaska with my parents to help me pour concrete for my driveway. He love to go fishing and be in the outdoors so of course after the work was done we headed out for an adventure. We took a trip down to the Kenai peninsula and as per the Barney family were famous for traveling lite and winging it so the first night we slept under the stars with a trap for a tent. Early in the morning we set out for a halibut fishing trip in the Cook Inlet on the ocean he had a blast pulling up (barn doors) off the ocean floor thats what Alaskans call halibut. After a full day fishing on the ocean we headed to the Kenai river to try our luck on some red salmon. Carl was pretty nervous that we were going to run into a bear he wasnt gonna go unless he was packing so I set him up with a shot gun and of course I always went packing so I had my .44. Carl couldnt sit still on the river every noise hed hear in the woods had to be a bear needless to say he was so nervous I dont think he even caught a fish!!

Carl I wish we had a lot more adventures then we did.
I love you. You will be missed.
Love Eric

Eric Mar 19 2021 12:00 AM

Carl, how would you best describe him? He is a giver! He is a helper! He is kind!

Carl is my oldest brother and close confidant. If you shared something with him, he would keep it close to his chest.

He has always been available with a listening ear, kind heart, and helping hands.

I have many fond memories of growing up with Carl .. driving down the freeway with his radio blaring his favorite rock music in his jeep with the top off and yes ... we sang every single word.

Family vacations, lake days and even family quarrels. I wouldn't trade one of them!

Carl was quite the intellect and had a broad knowledge of current events. When speaking with Carl, expect to learn a few things.

Carl embraced higher education and a strong work ethic.

He was a great example to those around him as he befriended individuals, engaged in conversations, and included everyone.

Carl is a great example of love and sacrifice to me, my children and my family. And for this I am eternally grateful!

Thank you for all help, advice (sometimes unsolicited) gifts, coins, example, friendship and most of all LOVE:)

You will be missed Big Brother.
Love you forever and always!

Love Becca

rebecca diaz Mar 19 2021 12:00 AM

Carl we will miss you

Josh Mar 19 2021 12:00 AM

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